Laird Superfood Bright Cup Coffee Pods

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Laird Superfood Bright Cup Coffee Pods

Own a single-serving pod machine? Don’t worry, mushroom coffee comes in pods as well.

These pods are crafted with Peruvian coffee beans, which are grown at high altitudes. Medium roasted, these beans have a bright and sweet taste with subtle citrus notes.

This flavor profile pairs perfectly with the earthiness and cinnamon notes of lion’s mane and chaga mushroom extracts. What you get is a really rich and bold cup of mushroom coffee.

In fact, it’s so strong that you can make a full mug with a single pod. An 8-ounce drink will be very strong. If you prefer something milder, you can go with 10 or even 12 ounces. You can choose between the 24 and 72-pack products, depending on how often you drink coffee.

What’s great about this product is that it’s environmentally friendly. The cups are BPI-certified and made with bio-based substances. This means they’re commercially compostable. While you can’t compost them at home, you can take them to the industrial composting facility.

The pods are compatible with the Keurig K-cup system, meaning they work with a large number of single-serving machines. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Nespresso coffee makers. Of course, that also means your brewing method options are limited.


  • Compatible with Keurig K-cup system
  • Come in packs of 24 or 72, depending on how often you drink coffee
  • Very strong, so you can make a large drink with a single pod
  • Commercially compostable, meaning the pods are environmentally friendly


  • Don’t work with Nespresso
  • Only suitable for pod machines


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