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7 reviews for Temple Magic Mushroom Tea Bags

  1. PERRY Antonio

    I thought that the bottle would contain micro-dosing tablets. But they are 500mg. Which I believe based on your website is already more than a micro dose. Could be wrong.

  2. COLLINS Dennis

    Everything so far has been good. Except the chocolate. The chocolate was old and white so it had a really bad taste but the tea was amazing tasted so good đź‘Ť I recommend this package for everyone & great price.

  3. WILSON Samuel

    Bought for someone else, amazing affect of the dried mushroom, the delivery came faster than expected (I thought I would never received it). What I loved the most is the excellent customar service ! I recommended to my friends to try this amazing website/products. Thank you for helping people with their mental health.


    Pretty good but I find there wasn’t enough gold teacher for a real trip 🙂

  5. COX Kimberly

    I just realized I don’t have any cool friends and I don’t want to trip alone so I haven’t tried the mushrooms yet. I haven’t noticed anything different from using the 0.5g pills.

  6. sara.adams

    Highly recommended for first-timers or those re-introducing shrooms to themselves therapeutically. I liked the guidance from the site as well on how to dose with the kit, which sets you up with a good amount of options. Definitely giving credit to MMD and this kit for a successful go at testing the waters and starting my micro-dosing journey.

  7. GARCIA Ann

    These capsules are amazing! I haven’t tried the goodies yet but am so pleased to be feeling more centered and positive after only two weeks of taking the capsules. Affordable too as 25 caps covers a 2 month supply. Great job!

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